Talented Twin Cities Tagger

“Eat Street” Art — Amateur Division I don’t know about the drawing skills of the tagger(s) who spray-painted the graffiti at 27th and Nicollet (above). But, they certainly are good climbers, with a sense of balance to match: the tag is just above a narrow ledge on the 2nd floor, easily 15′ off the ground (photo, below)....
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Tagging and Its Opposite (“Un-Tagging?” “De-Tagging?”)

“Hey! What Do You Think You’re Doing?!?” At first glance, I thought I was witnessing an especially brazen tagger (graffiti artist) in action, in broad daylight no less. I was about to alert the owner of the establishment, a restaurant in Minneapolis’ Wedge neighborhood. Then, I realized: the person wielding the can of black spray...
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"Parenting Over 40"

Which of These Books Would You Buy? [Editor’s Note: This post originally ran last September. I’m updating and re-running it now because Google search no longer retrieves it, even though a number of visitors to this blog have queried “parenting over 40.” Not enough tags, perhaps??] For years, I’ve been threatening to write a book...
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