November 21, 2021

“The Dog That Didn’t Bark, Updated”; or, “Getting ‘Norfed” (Gronked? Borked? Grokked?)*

The Warning Detector That Didn’t Beep How do you know that a new technology is a “keeper?” When it’s conspicuous by its absence. Exhibit A:  the warning detector that beeps in my car — but not my wife’s — as the driver backs up. Which explains how, driving her car and backing into a parking...
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“Clinton’s Folly?”

U.S. Garage Sale Corporations that file for bankruptcy typically have their debt discharged — zeroing out their shareholders — and their new equity issued to erstwhile creditors. What’s the equivalent for sovereign nations? Put it this way: what would Alaska fetch on the open market? Seward’s Folly When Secretary of State William Seward orchestrated Alaska’s...
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