The Pass-Through Garage

by Ross Kaplan on June 25, 2012

Something New Under the Sun

In a decade-plus in residential real estate, I’ve seen:  one-car garages (lots); two-car garages; three-car garages; four-car garages; five-car garages; tandem garages; no garage . . . and probably a couple other configurations as well.

I’ve also seen listing agents (or homeowners) mistakenly bill a two-car garage as a “double-car garage.”

But until last Friday, I’d never seen a pass-through garage.

What’s that?

An attached, two-car garage that opens in back, and leads to a detached two-car garage in the back of the lot (the two garages are connected by a concrete driveway).

It turns out that garage #2 houses two very expensive collectibles (a vintage Mercedes and Volvo, respectively).

Needless to say, MLS lacks a field for “pass-through garages”; instead, the listing bills it as a four-car garage.

P.S.:  Pass-through Bedrooms, by contrast, are relatively common.

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